Outdoor Afro Cheers on Barbara Hillary

The First African-American Woman on Record to Reach North and South Poles!

Outdoor Afro fans learned about Barbara Hillary back in 2009, she not only survived lung cancer, but also took on a trek hardly imaginable to most to the North Pole on skis at age 75!
Here is our Talk Tuesday Blog Talk Radio interview with Hillary from July, 2009 where she humorously shared how it is possible and necessary to live up to ones potential:

Not willing to remain still, this month the venerable Hillary started on another trek, this time to the South Pole.
See the Expenews feed for futher details and to read the rollercoaster of events leading to her journey.
Outdoor Afro wishes Ms. Hillary the best of luck for a safe trip, and recognize the inspiration she is to us all!
Learn more about Barbara Hillary, including booking information for speaking engagements by visiting her website.

Talk Tuesday Guest: Barbara Hillary

In case you missed it live, click below to play the interview I had with Barbara Hillary today.
At age 75 and a 9 year survivor of lung cancer, Barbara Hillary of Queens, New York became the first African-American woman to reach the geographical North Pole by skiing. Today she is 78 and joins Outdoor Afro to share a little about her passion and accomplishments that challenge assumptions about the participation of African Americans, women, and seniors, in the great outdoors.
Learn more about this amazing women or to book her for speaking events, click here for her website: BarbaraHillary.com