Connect to our Leadership Network and Create Relevant Outdoor Experiences for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community


We Build Community

Outdoor Afro Leaders are deeply connected to each other and their local communities. Your term on the OALT begins at the annual Outdoor Afro Leadership Training. Leaders affirm Outdoor Afro values through a curriculum created and lead by existing OALT members. You will learn about trip planning basics, the health impacts of nature, conservation ethics, risk management, and effective social media engagement. New and returning leaders share their strengths with each other and immediately apply learned skills at the training.


We Narrate Our Storied Landscapes

The OALT was founded to empower everyday people to draw inspiration from Black history, art, music, and radicalism to become confident and skilled outdoor leaders. Our leaders create relationships between our communities and the outdoors by telling known, little known, and unknown stories about Black connections to public parks, watersheds and wilderness.

We recognize that stewardship is a part of a Black legacy.

Photo credit: Michael A. Estrada


We Change the Conversation

Since 2009, we have evolved to become one of the few authorities on Black American community engagement in the outdoors.  We do not ask, “Where is the diversity in the outdoors?” Our starting place is that all Black people have a unique relationship with nature. Our leaders create accessible outdoors experiences in kayakswith backpacksaround the fireplaceon skisin the gardenat the city parkin the backcountryat the vineyard,  on the mountainat the bbq pitin the woodsunder the moonlight and at the beach.



We Strengthen Skills

We restore outdoor leadership back to the home. Applicants don’t need to have formal outdoor experience. We help ordinary people, the accountant, the student, the lawyer, the teacher and the musician, equip themselves with knowledge and confidence to be able to create lasting and relevant outdoor experiences for their families and their communities, drawing on the lessons of our parents and our ancestors.


 We will open recruitment in the fall of 2021.

To be considered for our Leadership Team:

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