Welcome to our 2021 Outdoor Afro Leadership Team!


The team unites more than 100 inspiring volunteer leaders from diverse backgrounds in 56 cities and the District of Columbia. These volunteers embody the promise and passion to continue what Outdoor Afro trail blazed more than TEN YEARS ago!

As we continue to transform the narrative about Black leadership in the outdoors, we are honored to welcome the volunteer leaders who will continue the success of the previous classes of Outdoor Afro Leadership. Each volunteer leader will create and guide monthly trips, leverage media and create collaborations to strengthen connections with the outdoors.

Learn more about our training here.

We invest in our leaders through our annual in person training. However, this year, we will be doing training online! We are grateful for an amazing team who have stepped up to the plate and are working diligently to create a meaningful experience to deepen relationships with each other and build on existing expertise. Follow our training journey with #OALT21.

Leaders will affirm Outdoor Afro values through a curriculum that includes trip planning, community engagement, conservation ethics, risk management, and effective media engagement.