Rapper T.I. Connects the Family to Nature

“No phones, no iPods, no gaming devices – just us in the wilderness”- T.I.

Fed up with his kids being plugged in to an array of electronics and, “wasting a perfectly sunny summer day”, rapper T.I. and his hesitant wife Tiny, decided to take their kids camping in a recent episode of  T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, even though they had never previously slept under the stars themselves.

He said humorously to his children, “Martin Luther King fought for your right to camp just like anyone else!” and with that, they were off to the woods for an overnight adventure. I was so delighted to see such a positive, on-message, and humorous mainstream representation of black people in nature, especially so because it was an experience led by parents. Now that is what I consider a culturally relevant outdoor experience for youth!

While the family struggled to get their tent up upon arrival, by the same evening T.I. and family were enjoying marshmallows, jokes —  and a surprise visitor from the woods!

“All you need is family”, said T.I. of their time in nature. By the end of the adventure, even his reluctant wife Tiny admitted she had a great time, saying it was long overdue for the family to connect with one another again.

Great job family! Thanks T.I. and Tiny for such wonderful modeling of family connections to nature!

Watch the full episode here:


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