I Was Ambivalent

But I did it… Here is a quick clip of me zip lining into a pond at Knoll Farm in Vermont last month, while attending the Center for Whole Communities, a land based leadership program.

I had just held a small afternoon discussion session on social media outdoors around the pond, but the water was too nice to resist in spite of my apprehension of that zip line. “I don’t know if I have enough stregnth to hold my body up,” I said. My cohort responded, “You do!”

And they were right.

Watch the video twice to notice the beautiful view of the Mad River Valley in the distance (video by Matt Kolan):



How have you challenged yourself this summer in the outdoors?

2 Thoughts on “I Was Ambivalent”

  • I just took some kids zip-lining this past weekend! We were a bit worried about safety so we had the kids strapped in a serious harness! Looks like you had a great time!

    • No harness for me! All the reason for my apprehension – “don’t try this at home kids!”

      Thanks for your comment!

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