Outdoor Afro Talks about Nature Deficit Disorder

Here is the interview link many of you have been asking about that aired yesterday about Nature Deficit Disorder. It was rewarding to talk about how more people can get connected to the outdoors, and share some of the ways my own family engages in outdoor activities. I actually appear twice: once in the beginning and another time after the first break, so don’t touch that dial!

What are your thoughts about Nature Deficit Disorder? Watch the show and please leave a comment here with your impressions!

For more information about the Children in Nature movement and how you can get involved check out their website!

Also plug in to the Children and Nature Collaborative’s website for additional information!

2 Thoughts on “Outdoor Afro Talks about Nature Deficit Disorder”

  • Congratulations Rue! The interview is very powerful and informative. I am so proud of you and Outdoor Afro!!! Definitely, living in a concrete jungle disconnects us from spirit, from each other, and from feeling our own humanity; I’m glad there’s a name for it… Nature Deficit Disorder. I’m rethinking my attitudes toward the outdoors as a result. Thanks for being the inspiration!

    • Thanks Sharyn! Indeed some of us parents think that by keeping our children indoors we are protecting them, but when we look at the rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, and other problems stemming from a sedentary lifestyle, then we have to re-think what is “safe” after all. Appreciate your thoughtful comments!

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