Citizen Scientists are for the Birds!

The Great Backyard Birdcount February 12-15, 2010


Believe it or not, before I started working at Golden Gate Audubon months back, I had never heard of the concept of everyday people counting birds in their own backyard as an important way to contribute to real scientific research.

So imagine my delight to hear about Cornell University and National Audubon’s annual outfit:  The Great Backyard Birdcount, where novices like me can learn about local birds, make a meaningful contribution to avian research, and learn cool bird facts to impress friends at cocktail parties!

They have made the event easy for all ages to participate, especially youth and seniors, and spread over a few days so you can participate in your leisure.

Give it a try!

Learn How:

Find an event near you:

We would love to learn about your experiences, so report back to Outdoor Afro your findings!

2 Thoughts on “Citizen Scientists are for the Birds!”

  • Rue – thanks for posting the notice about the Backyard Bird Count! I just completed uploading my 2 days of yard observations online!! It was a great exercise to actually go out there and count the numbers of each species. I learned some new info about the non-human residents around me!! Turns out we’ve got over 40 lesser goldfinches up in the tops of our pine and cottonwood trees. I’ve seen and certainly heard them… but never took the time to count and realize how many we’ve got! I also learned, when I (respectfully) turned my binocs towards our neighbors’ yards that one family has a sock-feeder full of finch seed. No wonder they’ve been so numerous in our yard!! (We’ve got the tall trees that they prefer). I also found out that more than the suspected 2 black-throated sparrows are hanging out in our yard. There are 5! We had 2 parents and 2 chicks successfully mature from one nest in our yard… wonder where the other came from? Does this mean we’ll have more than one nest in our yard this upcoming year??
    How exciting!!!
    Plus – 2 days after the count was over, a male and female Anna’s hummingbird showed up in the yard. This is the 2nd yr in a row that they’ve nested here! (We live just to the east of their range as shown by Sibley.)

    Thanks for listening to my bird babble!
    (and thanks again for the notice about the bird count!)

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