A Family That Camps Together Stays Together: Meet the Roberts Family

Roberts Kids

Roberts Kids

I met the Robert’s family recently at a conference in Atlanta. Their courage to camp for the first time in the sublime terrain of the Florida Everglades is an inspiration for all families — and they are terrific people to be around as well! Watch all three parts!

Part I

Part II

Part III

14 Thoughts on “A Family That Camps Together Stays Together: Meet the Roberts Family”

  • I love this story! I am so glad that the people of the Everglades took the time to do this for some locals. What a great adventure. Videos 2 and 3 are the same, I hope to see video 3 soon. Congrats to the Roberts family…come to California and camp, you would love it out here!!!

  • Thanks for the catch Dre! My bad! — go enjoy part 3 now. I was telling Shanda about California camping, but she is a tad concerned about our earthquakes!(smile)

  • Congratulations! What a wonderful program and a very needed program. I am so glad the the Roberts family was able to enjoy the trip to the Everglades.

    We have been to many National and State Parks and the number of Afro-Americans that we have seen can be counted on our fingers.

    We were able to visit the Everglades National Park this last winter and really enjoyed it doing many of the same activities as the Roberts family.

  • TereGanger, I know! I sure hope people sees this program and what is possible for themselves. This family have now become camping ADVOCATES as a result of this experience — and they are such wonderful people to be around too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • DNLee — as always, I am glad you stop by to shine your light on the site. Did I tell you I mentioned your site and showed a screen shot of it in my presentation in the conference? So you were there after all 😉

  • no, I didn’t know that, that’s awesome. My spring plans are coming together and I’ll be in San Francisco around the 23rd of March. Any great stuff happening or must see things I must do? I’m trying to wrangle a few more days.

  • I spent the weekend with the Roberts family in Atlanta, at the Breaking the Color Barrier in the Great American Outdoors conference in September 2009. The Roberts family loves tying new adventures and serves as an inspiration to other families that want to get outdoors, camp or just explore nature but are afraid of the unknown. I hope they will join us this summer for our 5th Annual Great American Backyard Campout at Red Top Mountain State Park, Cartersville, GA.

    Edge of Night Camping Club

  • This was a GREAT video! I definitely see myself in the mom, Shanda Roberts :-)I am concerned about bugs, mosquitoes, alligators, butterflies, chipped nails and all; it has kept me out of the great outdoors. However, I must say that the Roberts family’s courage has inspired me to at least consider what I am missing out on by not going. I am most excited by their spiritual communion with nature and the relaxation. Thanks for the video!

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