Monday’s Bottom Line


Movies out once per month for a family of four (2 adults, 2 children, plus snacks and parking fees):

$768 annually*

Monthly fun/education series at your local municipal park like this one:

Program cost: FREE or sliding scale, plus the cost of home packed lunch

*Source: AMC Movie Theaters — SF Bay Area

6 Thoughts on “Monday’s Bottom Line”

  • That’s a really good comparison!! Thinking like that you can have more mini-vacations than you’d ever know =)

  • Well there is nothing wrong with the occasional movie Lori! Glad to hear you get outdoors too!

  • A friend just directed me to your website – it's great! I think sharing personal experiences really goes a long way toward "browning" our green spaces. Thanks.

  • You're right Jennifer — the personal story is everything because there is no singular way to do things outdoors. And I love the inspiration I get from hearing a wide range of experiences. Thanks for stopping by, and do comment often!


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