Wanted: African-American Campers

A Seattle Times article from 2005 explores why blacks are not camping in this Pacific Northwest region with 250, 000 acres of parkland.

“One former ranger, who worked at Deception Pass and other state parks that each hosted up to 400,000 visitors a year, reported seeing fewer than 50 blacks over a 10-year period

2 Thoughts on “Wanted: African-American Campers”

  • One of my blog friends, Denene of My Brown Baby, brought up a good point once when talking about why she didn’t like being outside. For her, it went back to how she was raised, the things that her parents told her about what happens when black children and sun mix. So, perhaps it has a bit to do with old school tradition/perceptions of nature and African Americans, and when I say traditions/perceptions I’m referring to African Americans with southern roots.

    I have never gone camping either, but not because I don’t enjoy being in nature and breathing in fresh air, but because I was never really exposed to the beauty of nature by my family, which in turn makes it harder for me to realize that I am not branching out as an adult and taking advantage of all of the beautiful Bay Area areas and sites that we have.

    Great post!

  • Well that’s where this site comes in as I want people to see another side of getting out that is really easy and enjoyable.

    I’m doing research now on the topic of racism and how associated fears keep blacks away from remote areas that are predominantly white…stay tuned and thanks!

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